Arise & Expand

We are in a season where God has called us to "ARISE AND EXPAND!" And God has an awesome way of doing things - He chose NOW in 2018, as the exact time to step forward and begin moving towards what He has for us as a church, as a community, as a people and a family…

We are so excited and am certain God will impart the vision in you as He has in me. Because we are family, we are of one body, one accord, nothing the enemy attempts to do to destroy the vision will prevail. Now is the time to begin to "ARISE AND EXPAND!"…

…and as you take care of God's house, He will take care of yours as well!

Already in 2018, amazing things have been happening at our church. New Destiny has really been growing and the reputation we have around the community is truly amazing. It really blows my mind when I think about what God is doing, where He has taken me from, and that I get to be a part of all of this. You know my testimony- we all have an amazing story! I know we are on the brink of what God really wants to begin to do in creating the City of Destiny and I am beyond excited…

Now is the time I need your help… and I need it big time! There are things that need to be done for us to really grow. I am asking you for your help financially to make this happen. I CAN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOU! I need you to hear me now.

We have what I refer to as a “capital campaign.” There is a list of equipment we have to get to take New Destiny where it needs to go. And I am coming to you first because I can depend on you. We have made tremendous progress over the last few years, but it is not done, and it needs to happen fast. This is something that I need our ministry supporters to grab with a vicious faith and force it across the line. I need to call on you and trust I can rely on you. And I am writing to you because I believe that with all my heart! This isn’t “My Church”, it is GOD’S CHURCH!

God showed me a new thing I am to do to reach the world and it involves streaming live regularly, through PWM, with NDCC as my home base. He has also shown me that the streaming services viewing will grow exponentially once some issues are fixed that we have been dealing with for a long time. Now is the time! Many professionals in media have told me privately that the church is amazing, the vision and the preaching is great, but every time they watch the streaming or show someone in CA or London the streaming it really takes away from what is in the house. WE HAVE TO FIX THIS!

You would be shocked at some of the people that because of the amazing favor of God have logged in to view NDCC streaming… Celebrities, Executives, Politicians, you name it… We have tremendous favor and influence around the world. We MUST elevate to a quality fitting for where God wants us, and a spirit of excellence!

A major issue we have had with our online growth has been the audio quality of our streaming. The “future” is now and church growth is dependent on an online presence. This is so extremely important in what we are to do! But this is a major expense- it requires buying a brand new state of the art audio board for the audio booth in the sanctuary, other installations and a small studio for streaming audio upstairs. And there are other projects that are needing to be done as well. I am adding a basic budget outline below (give or take, depending on other proposals).

I need you. I need your help financially and I need you to gather those that can do the same! We have an amazing, intelligent, anointed, successful church in a great community with amazing ministry friends and partners around the world- this should be nothing for us to come together and finish quickly for God’s House!

I love you. I appreciate you. I am praying for you. 

Together in Covenant,


 P.S.  As always, I want to be completely transparent with you! Please view further below our budget needs for fundraising...


Arise & Expand
Arise & Expand

CURRENT NEED $89,940.28

As always, I want to be completely transparent with you! Below is our budget needs for fundraising:

1. Front and Back Green Room Flooring

  • Back -  $7,389.30
  • Front -  $3,613.45

2. Upstairs Media Area

  • Flooring -  $3,697.15
  • Demo and Painting -  $1,400.00

3. Nursery Renovation

  • Flooring -  $6,746.85
  • Painting/High Polish Floors -  $4.500.00
  • Furniture -  $2,000.00
  • Custom Wall Decor/Wraps -  $8,500.00 (Noah's Ark Theme/Bible Scenes)
  • Repair/Restore Cabinets -  $1,800.00

4. Soundboard Rental (Conference)

  • $3,000.00

5. New Soundboard/Install/Accessories

  • $47,293.53


Our estimated total need from above list is $89,940.28. 


Our additional donation needs are as follows:


1. Data network and tech upgrade

  • $10,000-$20,000

2. Live Online TV show portable equipment (Cameras, Lighting kit, Audio gear, etc..)

  • $10,000-$20,000

Including these additional needs, the total we are asking your help with is: $110,000 - $135,000

Arise & Expand
Arise & Expand


  • New Sanctuary
  • Family Plaza
  • Sports Complex
  • Language Labs
  • Performing Arts School
  • Bible University
  • K-12 Academy
  • Full Health Facilities
Arise & Expand

YOU can make a difference and INVEST in the FUTURE
by pledging YOUR contribution towards "ARISE & EXPAND"


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